Custom Blend Foundation Makeup

Custom made liquid and powder foundation, color-matched and personalized for you.  Your skin color, tone and skin care needs are unique.  So why try to match your needs to what's bottled for a million other people?  Let us create a foundtaion that is unique to you.  We can create any color, coverage, texture and finish.  Schedule your consultation and we'll hand-mix your individualized foundation formula.     
Consultation  $50  (includes your custom created foundation) 
Botanically Infused Bases.  Oil Free.  Talc Free.  Paraben Free.  Gluten Free. 
Non-Comedogenic.  Custom Serum Additives.  Pure Mineral Bases.   Fragrance Free.  Dye Free. 
                 Bismuth Oxychloride Free.  Promotes Healthy Skin.  Great for Sensitive Skin.